The Lake of the Woods Water Sustainbility Foundation is a registered Canadian charity working binationally in the Lake of the Woods basin.  We are dedicated to developing a sustainability plan for the basin, based on sound science and international cooperation and collaboration.

Vision:  We see the Lake of the Woods basin as majestic waters with sustainable ecological integrity supporting the health, economy and beneficial use for current and future generations.

Mission:  To protect the ecological integrity of the water quality of Lake of the Woods and its watershed by being a champion for the Lake.  The Foundation will maintain and build a reputation as a trusted essential partner with all stakeholders.

Guiding Values:

  • Be a trusted voice and champion for Lake of the Woods basin aquatic ecosystem and its water quality
  • Maintain and build our reputation as a trusted, respected and essential partner with the science community, the International Joint Commission and governments
  • Foster and act through partnerships
  • Be catalytic and influential in guiding and supporting bi-national water governance, research and management
    engage all stakeholders and jurisdictions