IJC CDN Commish 240Pierre Béland, Merrell-Ann Phare and Henry Lickers take oaths of office as IJC Canadian Commissioners

Friday, May 17, 2019 

At a meeting of the International Joint Commission (IJC) yesterday, Commissioners Pierre Béland, Merrell-Ann Phare and F. Henry Lickers made a solemn declaration to faithfully and impartially perform the duties assigned under the Boundary Waters Treaty.

IJC logo with white space 240Jane Corwin, Robert Sisson and Lance Yohe confirmed as IJC Commissioners


May 17, 2019

The International Joint Commission (IJC) is pleased to announce that the appointment of Jane Corwin as US Section chair, and Robert Sisson and Lance Yohe as US Section Commissioners has been confirmed by the US Senate.

2019 Proceedings cvrThe pdf Proceeedings Report of the 2019 International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Forum (13.11 MB) is now available.

The report features 34 presentations during the two-day symposium and posters sessions. There were focus session on: binational updates, federal Canadian science, ecosystem studies at the Experimental Lakes Area, and management implications of research completed over the past decade.

IMG 6248 croppred 640jpgJesse Anderson of the Minnesotollution Control Agency Receives the Kallemeyn Award for Scientific Achievement

The Kallemeyn Award was presented to Jesse by the Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation on behalf of the 160 researchers and resource managers from the United States and Canada attending the 2019 International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Forum in International Falls, MN.