We're working to ensure that there is enough science and management expertise and resources focused on the Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin, now and for the future.

We need to continue to stimulate research and management program building and capacity internationally.  We build and support strategic research and management partnerships among governments and indigenous peoples, non-govermental organizations, private sector entities and individuals.

Examples of these partnership include:

  • The establishment of the International Multi-Agency Arrangement (ongoing)
  • The Historical Nutrient Budget and Lake Thermal Modeling Study (ongoing)
  • The Lake trout Strategic Project — Predicting dissolved oxygen concentrations in Lake Trout lakes: Developing new tools for a multiple-stressor world (ongoing)
  • The 2014 Rainy-Lake of the Woods State of the Basin Report ( pdf Full version (11.32 MB) )  ( pdf Overview version (1.92 MB) )
  • The 2010 Preliminary Phosphorus Budgets and Water Quality Models for the Lake of the Woods and Rainy River ( pdf Overview version (3.38 MB) )
  • The 2009 Rainy-Lake of the Woods State of the Basin Report ( pdf Standard resolution (8.94 MB) )