Consultations on Canadian Phosphorus Targets

In early 2021,  Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) launched a Lake of the Woods public engagement "portal" website and LOWWSF held a series of public webinars with the ECCC Lake of the Woods Team, to seek public input on the development of Lake Ecosystem Objectives and potential phosphorus reduction targets for Lake of the Woods.  

Although the public comment period is now over, the ECCC Lake of the Woods site is still a central location for information on ECCC's development of proposed Lake Ecosystem Objectives and potential measures to control phosphorus for Lake of the Woods to address harmful and nuisance algae blooms, and improve the health of the lake.

A summary factsheet on the proposals and a more detailed supplementary factsheet, and other resources are available at the ECCC Lake of the  Woods engagement site.

Engagement slide 240x257Hundreds provided feedback to Environment and Climate Change Canada on its proposed ecosystem objectives and potential phosphorus reduction targets to tackle the algae bloom problem on Lake of the Woods, via ECCC Lake of the Woods website and during town-hall webinars organized by our Foundation. 

Public sentiment expressed strong desire for Canada to “get on with it” and take steps to reduce phosphorus loads, and to do this in congjunction with Minnesota, that has already finalized phosphours cut targets — the two countries should not have separate targets or approaches. 

Here are some more of the main points that we heard you say...