Todd Sellers, Executive Director
Todd is leading the Foundation’s activities to initiate water quality research and the development of a water quality sustainability plan for the Lake of the Woods basin. Todd is a third generation summer resident of Minaki and former fishing guide on the Winnipeg River. Todd is a past president of the Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association. Prior to joining the Foundation, he founded Waverley Group Inc., a firm that specializes in technology solutions for the natural resources, science, and health care sectors. Todd has a long association with the not-for-profit sector, having begun his career at the Rawson Academy of Aquatic Sciences, a national academy of Canada’s foremost aquatic scientists and environmental policy researchers. He holds a Master of Science degree in aquatic biology from the University of Alberta, with his thesis work on lake trout being conducted at the Experimental Lakes Area east Kenora.

Kelli Saunders, International Watershed Coordinator

Kelli is leading the Foundation’s International Watershed Coordinator Program. A resident of Kenora, Kelli has over twenty years experience in the fields of environmental impact assessment, coastal geomorphology, environmental resource management, strategic communications, international cooperation and project management. Previously, Kelli has held positions with the Ontario Ministry of Environment as the Acting Area Supervisor and also as the Lake of the Woods Coordinator. During 2010-2011, Kelli served as a member of the International Joint Commission's International Lake of the Woods and Rainy River Watershed Task Force, which made recommendations regarding the bi-national management of our watershed. The Task Force's recommendations led to the decisions by Canada and the United States of America to authorize, under the auspices of the IJC, the establishment of an international watershed board and development of a plan of study to identify what scientific work is needed in addressing the priority transboundary water issues such as nutrient enrichment and harmful algal blooms; aquatic invasive species; climate change indicators and the development of adaptation measures; and contamination of ground and surface water from sulphides and heavy metals. Kelli holds an MSc. in Biophysical Processes and Resource Assessment from the University of Guelph.