Ontario’s Commitment to Lake of the Woods:
Environment Minister’s Parliamentary Assistant Presents at Forum

KanjinAndrea Khanjin, Parliamentary Assistant to Ontario Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, Jeff Yurek, speaks to Ontario’s commitments to Lake of the Woods.In addition to the science presentations, the Foundation reception at the Forum featured a guest presentation by Andrea Khanjin, Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Minister of Environment, Conservation & Parks, Jeff Yurek, and MPP for Barrie – Innisfil.  On behalf of Minister Yurek, PA Khanjin delivered an address highlighting progress under Ontario’s Environment Plan which identified Lake of the Woods as a priority for actions.  PA Khanjin noted with appreciation the effective collaborations between agencies, First Nations, US Tribes, NGOs and the public in the Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed – as evidenced by the Forum.  She also asserted the commitments of the Government of Ontario to Lake of the Woods, including:

  • Continuing to work with partners on reducing phosphorus that, in excessive quantities, can cause toxic blue-green algal blooms.
  • Supporting research efforts to better understand phosphorus nutrient loadings within Ontario through monitoring, field work and analysis.
  • Helping to build scientific knowledge about the state of the lake through the Lake Partner Program.
We all appreciated the efforts of PA Khanjin to attend the Forum and present these messages on behalf of Minister Yurek.