Kelli Macgillvray 2020 Battigelli Award RecipientKelly Macgillivray, MSc. candidate, Trent University, taking streamflow measurements in the Pickerel River.  She will present a Deborah Battigelli Memorial presentation at the Forum “Longitudinal patterns in nutrient export in the lower Rainy River watershed"Kelly Macgillivray is a recipient of the 2020 Deborah Battigelli Memorial Award. Presented by the Foundation, this Award provides financial assistance to graduate students to present their research at the annual International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Forum. Kelly will deliver a Deborah Battigelli Memorial presentation at the Forum with a talk titled "Longitudinal patterns in nutrient export in the lower Rainy River watershed".

Kelly is a MSc. candidate at Trent University in Peterborough, ON, studying under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Eimers.  She is part of Trent University’s Lake of the Woods Watershed Loading Project.  Kelly's research is investigating the relationships between water quality and landuse / landcover, as well as investigating phosphorus drivers. Four rivers in the Lower Rainy River watershed that either drain into the Rainy River (Sturgeon and Everett rivers) or into Lake of the Woods directly (Little Grassy and McGinnis rivers), and two in the upper shield region (Pickerel and Trout rivers) are being studied in order to represent the basin as a whole. Her work focuses on phosphorus, metals and total suspended sediments exported from the differing landuse / landcover types both longitudinally down the rivers and between seasons.  Her work will ultimately contribute to a better understanding of sources of nutrients and potential best management practices to limit phosphorus loading to the Rainy River and to Lake of the Woods.

To honour the memory of Deborah Battigelli, her family established The Deborah Battigelli Memorial Fund at the Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation.  The Fund honours Deborah’s love of life at the lake and her interest to preserve the lake area for future generations to continue to enjoy what she loved. The purpose is to assist the up-and-coming generation of scientists with their research on our lakes to ensure future capacity for protecting the water quality and ecological health of our lake area for generations to come. For more information about the Deborah Battigelli Memorial Fund or to contribute visit: