For over a decade, our Foundation has been advocating for a plan for Lake of the Woods – A plan that identifies water quality objectives and reduction targets, particularly for phosphorus, the primary nutrient stimulating algal blooms.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) will be taking the next step forward towards developing such a plan for Lake of the Woods, based on its science program completed last spring.  ECCC and the Foundation want your help and input  on developing a desired set of ecosystem objectives for the various regions of the lake and recommendations on phosphorus reduction scenarios.

Unfortunately, plans for in-person public meetings last summer had to be shelved due to the COVID-19 situation.  Over the next seven or eight months, there will be a variety of ways for the public to engage and provide input to ECCC with a series of online Webinars and an online consultation website dedicated to Lake of the Woods through which you can provide your comments.

The focus of these sessions will be to communicate science and ecosystem conditions related to nutrients and algal blooms, as well as to receive input on desired ecosystem objectives and selected options towards reducing phosphorus loadings from Canadian sources to Lake of the Woods.  The Foundation will be helping to organize these opportunities for public / stakeholder engagement with the ECCC team. Dates for these sessions have not been finalized yet but will be soon, so look to the Foundation’s website for more information about dates and ways to get involved:  If you want direct notice of these upcoming opportunities to have your say about future water quality of our lake -- sign up at the Foundation's website for e-news to stay informed -- And pass this on to your friends who care about Lake of the Woods who aren't on our list!